Zagreb Film was founded in 1953 with the main profile of an animated film production company. Since then, more than 600 animated films, 14 feature films, about 600 documentaries and 800 commercials as well as 600 educational films were produced in this studio. There is also 30.000 meters of archive material that was shot about the city of Zagreb and another 30 hours of material was shot on a DVCAM.

The company operates on two locations; one with ateliers for artists, shooting equipment, small theatre and one with film warehouse, video multiplication room and administration.

During all these years, Zagreb Film received around 500 awards on Festivals all over the world. Among them is the Academy Award - Oscar for the best-animated film in 1962. Dusan Vukotic had become the first non-American author to win the Oscar award for «The Ersatz».

Wealth of genres and different styles that were growing in Zagreb was the reason for Georges Sadoul, the French film theorist, critic and historian to coin the term «Zagreb school of animation», what became the trademark for top grade and innovative animated films made in Zagreb.

Besides artistic films Zagreb film produced films and TV series for children like Inspector Mask, Professor Balthazar, The Little Flying Bears, Maxi Cat. Most of these films were distributed internationally. The biggest global success was with the famous character of Professor Balthazar.

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ZAGREB FILM, Vlaška 70, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
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